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Welcome to the Carroll County, Georgia website, your community on the internet. Here you will find valuable information about Carroll County, Georgia, including coupons, restaurants, shopping, hotels, local businesses, transportation, real estate, public services, dining, arts and entertainment, spas, salons, schools, sports, automotive, banking, shops, healthcare, relocation, travel, tourism, and vacations for Carroll County, Sacred Harp, Bowdon, Bremen, Carrollton, Mount Zion, Roopville, Temple, Villa Rica, Wicks Tavern, Stockmar Gold Mine, Thomas Doresy Boulevard Mirror Lake, J. Tanner State Park, State University of West Georgia, Clem, Lowell, Tyus, Kanas, Sand Hill, Whitesburg, Waco, Dunaway Gardens, Chattahoochee River, Little Tallapoosa River, New Georgia, Roscoe, Sargent, Ephesus, Tallapoosa, West Georgia Museum, Fairplay and Bowdon Junction.